Last Minute Trip to Miami

Have you ever just booked a last-minute weekend trip to a new, glamorous, and romantic destination?

Have you ever wanted to just book a flight somewhere you have never been for the weekend to somewhere romantic and glamorous? 

Have you ever wanted to just getaway to a glamorous place where the two of you can just relax and explore?

Stepping off the plane you are greeted with brightly colored signs and cool sea air to remind you that you are about to embark on a fun, much-needed weekend adventure. Driving up to Miami Beach at night you are greeted with the glittering skyline of Miami as you cross the bridge over the water to the world-famous Miami Beach. Right off of the bridge is the first stop, and your home away from home for the weekend - Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club.

Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club

When you enter the gorgeous tall lobby of this 1940s built hotel, you can feel the luxurious vibe of the decor from every corner. While the standard rooms are not massive, the hotel has so much to offer on its property. The hotel is not only beachfront property, but it also has two pools - one is adult only. The pools give a very European chic charm with cabanas and chairs around the pool with great music playing all day long. The hotel also offers a tasty Italian restaurant, Donna Mare, on its property. This beautifully decorated space is the perfect place to grab a quick bite and enjoy a great glass of wine. 

While this hotel is not in the heart of South Beach, it allows you and your significant other to have a little piece of quiet tranquility while just being 2 miles (3.2 km) away. Once you have settled into the hotel, now the fun can begin!

Late Night Snack

If you arrive late on your first day, why not grab a pizza and glass of wine at Donna Mare. If you are feeling more adventurous, hop in a cab or rideshare and grab a late-night bite and drink at Sweet Liberty Drink and Supply Co. This hip spot offers elegant cocktails and delicious bites to eat.

Day 1

So you have arrived in Miami for a quick getaway, and you want to balance relaxation and exportation...Let’s see how we spent our weekend!

Bike Down the Boardwalk

While there are lots of ways to get around Miami Beach, I highly recommend biking on the boardwalk. Along this 4 mile boardwalk, you can catch gorgeous views of the white sand beaches that Miami is so well known for, 5 star, luxury hotels, and beautiful beachgoers. 

Bike options

  • Rent a bike at the hotel. If you choose to stay at the Cadillac Hotel & Beach Club, you are able to rent a beach cruiser bike. Beware, there is a 3-hour limit when you rent the bike from the hotel.
  • Citi Bike is another easy option to get around Miami Beach. With over a dozen stations all along Miami Beach, you can easily check out a bike at a station at one end and then check it back in when you catch a glimpse of something shiny - There are a lot of shiny things to catch your eye on this beachfront boardwalk. 
  • Bike rental shops are dotted along Miami Beach. This is a great option if you want to rent a bike affordably for the whole day without any time restrictions and explore the gorgeous south Florida coastline.  

Miami Beach

Cuban Lunch

After taking a relaxing bike ride down the boardwalk, you might be starving and looking for a good lunch option to taste some of Miami’s world-class cuisine. Look no further than Havana 1957! This hopping spot is on a few locations in Miami for this restaurant chain located in the heart of South Beach surrounded by beautiful people and beaches! But what you really want to hear about is the food... We started with the Cuban combo and finished off with the La Orquesta Cubana. If you love Cuban food, or just want to try some delicious food surrounded by gorgeous people - this is the place to do it!

Now that lunch is over, it is time to kick off your shoes and head to one of Cadillac's two pools to treat yourself to a refreshing adult drink in a coconut. You earned it sweetie!






Pre-Dinner Views, Drinks, and Bites at 1Hotel

Vacation is the perfect time to soak in the sun and marvel at sunsets - while sipping a delicious drink of course. There is no better place in Miami to take in breathtaking ocean views than 4Waters in the 1hotel. Don’t forget to make reservations, because this place is super popular! 4Waters can be found at the top of the 1hotel in South Beach. When you reach the top floor, you are greeted with a stylish bar and pool area and surrounded by stunning views of the Atlantic. If you are looking for a quick bite to eat before dinner, I highly recommend the brussel sprouts or truffle fries while you sit by the pool, listen to a DJ, and soak it all in.

1Hotel Miami


Miami is known for some of the most incredible cuisines in the world. With so many options, as a first timer to Miami may not know where to look. Google, TripAdvisor, and Yelp reviews can certainly help, but they can also overwhelm a person. Bylybos was recommended to us by a friend, and we were not at all disappointed! This Eastern Mediterranean cuisine features a wide variety of delicious Mediterranean dishes in a colorful, classy Miami atmosphere. We sat on the patio that was surrounded by gorgeous foliage and was amazing for people watching!  To start, we ordered the Hamachi and Roasted Red Beets for the table. And for dinner, we went with the roasted lamb shoulder for two! While a little on the pricey side, this place was absolutely delicious and fabulous! What more could you ask for on a spontaneous vacation! 

Day 2

You are heading out on the 8 pm flight or the earliest flight the next day. What do you want to spend your last full day of relaxation doing? For us, we like to do a combination of exploring and relaxation, so here was our ideal last day.

Brunch and Lounge by the Pool

In the morning, take your time waking up and taking in the beautiful warm weather of South Florida. Grab brunch at one of many outdoor patios like the Tavern or Gitano Miami at Casa Faena, and then head to the pool to soak up some rays. For those of you that want to incorporate a little more exploration or adventure into your vacation, why not check out these two options:

Manatee Exploration

For those of you who are nature lovers or are more into seeing a little bit of the culture of the area, I highly recommend doing an expedition to paddle around with manatees. Manatees also referred to as chubby mermaids or sea cows are nearly endangered species found on the coast of Florida. Manatees are giant sea-dwelling animals found in few places around the world, but they can be found in the Florida Keys close to Miami. Take a tour with an experienced guide as you take a kayak or paddleboard into a lagoon where you can see manatees and other beautiful native Florida wildlife. Pack your sunscreen and hat for this adventure and enjoy seeing the adorable, loveable manatees in their natural habitat.


Wynwood Art

If you are more into art, Miami has a lively art scene in the Wynwood neighborhood. Known for street art, Wynwood has streets and warehouses full of colorful, gorgeous art by some of the most prominent street artists in the world. For an up-close look at some beautiful murals, check out Wynwood Walls Museum. In the museum, you are immersed in the art that depicts everything from music artists to fantasy characters and everything in between. You won’t regret checking this scene out. A note to those who want to visit Wynwood, the streets are super crowded with cars and people, so I recommend taking a taxi or rideshare app to avoid having to fight for a parking spot.


If you make it over to Wynwood, I recommend eating at Crudo, a fusion restaurant that embraces the art and soul of the Wynwood neighborhood. We had the Wynwood Crudo, White Udon Noodles, Wynwood Roll, and the Art Basel Roll. Don’t forget to top off your visit with one of their famous mojitos! 

For more information on their menu and cool events go here. 

Two days fly by when you are having fun! We loved Miami and cannot wait to go back! We hope you have as much fun as we did visiting this treasure of a city!

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