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Hotel Athena - Siena, Italy: How To Enjoy Your Visit In Italy

In this post, we will discuss why Hotel Athena - Siena Italy is a must-stay accommodation and is considered one of the best hotels in Siena Italy.

As an ultimate foodie and expert chef, my works have been featured on Edible Arrangements. Italy offers fine wines and is considered a wine country. So with my expertise, I will tell you why you should stay at the Athena Hotel.

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How accessible are the nearby tourist attractions?

Many beautiful and majestic things come to mind when we talk about Siena. One is its stunning view of the countryside and green hills. From the hotel, you can reach Piazza del Campo in 11 minutes by foot. It is the main public square at the historic center of Siena. If you are interested in the beauty of art, you can reach Museo dell'Opera del Duomo by a 10-minute walk. Visit one of the oldest buildings, the Baptistery of San Giovanni. And be amazed by the octagonal architecture of this minor basilica in just 8 minutes' walk.

What are the facilities available for guests?

Aside from the majestic rooms, they also have a terrace and restaurant. No need to worry about where to dine because they have a restaurant to serve you breakfast and dinner. They serve traditional Tuscan dishes and modern cuisine made from fresh ingredients. Aside from that, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the hills on their panoramic terrace. Just imagine yourself standing by the terrace. With a glass of good wine, watching the glorious sunset. Perfect location to spend your late afternoon.

What are the modes of transportation we can take from the hotel?

Athena hotel is close to a train station, 2.6 km away on foot and 6 km by car. You can also find a taxi or ask the staff to arrange a private transfer for you.

What amenities are available in the room?

Hotel Athena knows how to let guests experience Tuscan hospitality. The rooms will make you feel at home with their warm color schemes and furnishings. There's free wi-fi, an LCD tv, a minibar, a private bathroom, a hairdryer, a telephone, and a safe. It also includes air conditioning and central heating. And an alarm clock, a kettle with a selection of coffee and teas, and slippers. They can also provide room service for your requests.

What is the view from the rooms?

The hotel's proximity to the ancient city walls ensures peace and quiet. You can see the panoramic view over the hills of the surrounding countryside. If you like seeing green hills covered in vines, olive trees, and stone houses, this is the place for you.

Is this a pet-friendly hotel?

Yes! Pets are allowed in Hotel Athena. Bring your fur baby and have a stroll at the Palazzo Pubblico and Mangia bell tower.

How is the food from the restaurant?

Tuscany is well-known for its fine wines, beef, and cheeses. If you want an authentic Tuscan experience, this restaurant can give it all to you. They also serve dishes suitable for vegetarians, such as the classic dish Ribollita and Pappa al Pomodoro. Mangia's restaurant menu ranges from the great Tuscan classics to modern dishes. All are made with local, natural, organic ingredients. Every day, their chef prepares gnocchi, pici, and fresh ravioli. Usually served with wild boar or truffle sauce. They also serve dishes suitable for children, vegans, diabetics, and celiacs.

Each morning, they serve homemade breakfast. Warm pastries, muffins, jam, and cheeses. Dinner is served from 7 pm to 9:30 pm in the main room, but you can book your table on their terrace during summer.

Did you enjoy your stay at Hotel Athena?

Absolutely! This is a one-of-a-kind experience. Everything went smoothly, from check-in at 200 pm to check-out at 1200 pm. If you want to take a final walk, you can leave your luggage at the reception area at no cost. To me, that is a part of the hospitality of the staff. I made a direct booking, so I got free parking which is not common in other hotels. The Athena Hotel rates are reasonable, and you can view them on their website. The food is also great, especially when surrounded by a beautiful view. I enjoyed my stay, and the next time I return to Siena, I will pick the same hotel.

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