Ojo Caliente Hotel review featured

Ojo Caliente Hotel Review: Is The This Hidden Paradise Worth The Trip?

What better way to get a load of what New Mexico offers than checking out this Ojo Caliente Hotel review?

My passion for travel and mindful living has landed me features on sites such as Body Nutrition. And Ojo Caliente, New Mexico, with its spa treatment and hot springs in one of the oldest natural health resorts, has both the vibe and facilities one needs for much-needed rest and relaxation.

So let's dive in!


When is the best time to book a stay at this hotel?

May to September will be the best times to book your stay at Ojo Caliente Hotel if you want the sunny Ojo experience. But the season from October to April is the best if you're looking to spend chilly days in the hotel.

How secluded is its location?

Sitting on a 22-acre land, the hotel's location is quite secluded, perfect for those who want to spend their vacation with some peace and privacy.

What facilities do they offer to guests?

They offer free parking and wifi to guests. They also have fitness and sauna rooms, shower lockers, pools, a bar, and an artesian restaurant. Most famous is their spa treatment, which uses traditional and locally crafted products for their massage to complete the Ojo experience you are looking for.

Do the pools have varying temperatures, or are they all heated?

Different pools have varying temperatures. The hotel's large pool is perfect for cooling off on hot days while the others are warmer. Other mineral pools include the mud bath, arsenic pool, soda pool, and some private outdoor pools on the cliffside suite.

All their hot spring pools provide a healing experience to their guests.

How are the amenities in the room?

The various accommodations offer guests different amenities. The Historic Hotel provides basic facilities such as air conditioning, safe, free wifi, and a toilet, while showering can be done in the bathhouse. Other private homes, such as the North Cottages and Casa De Ojo, and charming cottages, including the Plaza Suite and Pueblo Suite, have a flatscreen TV, refrigerator, a kiva fireplace, spa robes, and a walk-in shower.

The Cliffside Suite, aside from the amenities mentioned above, has a private pool good for two guests. It also has access to biking, hiking, and birding trails. If you are into the whole glamping and camping experience, there's the Vintage Trailer and a place for parking RVs and pitching tents.

Are there other nearby tourist spots or restaurants we can visit?

Ojo Caliente is surrounded by some of the best tourist spots and sites, such as the Taos Pueblo, a known UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Rio Grande. If you are into the art scene, the town of Taos, one of North America's art colonies, has many galleries and boutiques selling handwoven and handmade novelty items and traditional herbal concoctions. And while you are there, you can also check out eateries and their vibrant music scene.

Check out El Taquito Cafe, a small dining spot and a family-owned eatery that serves tacos and homemade salsa. If you are not willing to go too far, there are hiking and biking trails just around Ojo Caliente mineral springs you can explore.

What are their pet policies?

When it comes to your fur babies, the hotel has a no-pet policy. Guests are also asked not to leave any animals in the cars or automobiles if they visit the premises. The only ones allowed are service animals, in which guests will be asked if the accompanying animal is required because of a disability and what tasks they are trained for.

Anytime hotel management sees an unattended animal, animal control will be contacted.

They are still doing some renovations and repairs as of the moment, so I'll say visit their site for updates on when these construction jobs will be over. While Ojo Caliente is a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, there's a lot of construction, meaning it might be too noisy for guests. Otherwise, a staycation or retreat in Ojo Caliente is destressing and worthy of another booking.

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