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P6 At The LINE Restaurant Review - Austin Looks Great From Here

This P6 at the LINE restaurant review will tell you everything you need to know about the hottest new spot in Austin.

The Line Hotel in downtown Austin features many restaurants and shops to make everything more convenient and accessible for its guests. This establishment has a breathtaking view and a unique & eclectic menu.

Many people enjoy their imaginative cocktails, courtesy of Brian Floyd. They're also known for their Mediterranean cuisine, facilitated by chef Justin Ermini. If you've got a sweet tooth, head baker Ashley whit-Whitmore can whip up a dessert for you.

I'm an expert foodie and chef, and I've been featured on sites like Pepper Jelly and All Recipes, so I'm certain you'll enjoy the P6 at the LINE as I did.

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Does the restaurant accept walk-ins, or do I need to secure a reservation?

P6 at the LINE Austin is a rooftop bar with a fabulous view of downtown Austin. This is a great place and popular spot, so it's best to make reservations to secure your table. If you don't have a reservation, it would be a good idea to come earlier than the influx of guests.

When is the best time to visit P6 at the Line?

The best time to visit is around 7 pm to 8 pm. Granted, there may be many guests that arrive at the same time. However, this is the best time because this is when you can get panoramic views of the South Austin skyline while having a cocktail drink with a friend or eating dinner with your partner. Ask for outdoor seating to get the ultimate experience.

You can also go here in the morning for breakfast or brunch. They may not have the typical pancakes and bacon for your first meal of the day, but they do serve a variety of eclectic cuisine that you will surely enjoy. They have cheese boards, Mediterranean dishes such as the Baba Ghanoush, which comes highly recommended, and even handcrafted cocktails that are bursting with flavor.

Do they accept bookings for special events?

Making a reservation for a celebration is a good idea if you want a great view of the town. When you call them up to book for your event, make sure to mention what kind of seating you want. Service will be busy on weekends, so if you have the option to make it on a weekday, you'd be getting a more hands-on host.

What will be our view from the restaurant?

Seated outdoors, you will get a majestic view of the South Austin skyline. You will also see Lady Bird Lake and bats flying out of the Congress at around sunset. That will definitely put a cherry on top of the unbelievable ambiance of the place.

This place serves Mediterranean food on small plates, so expect something to that effect when ordering from them. Many guests enjoy the Babaghanoush and calamari from the food menu. Make sure to leave room for the bread pudding with ice cream.

It's a heavenly concoction, indeed. For drinks, the sundown cobbler comes highly recommended. This restaurant is highly known for its cocktail creations. When you visit, make sure to try a glass of the P6 martini, Wild Side, or Ladybird Spritz. You won't regret it.

How is the quality of the food and drinks?

P6 is a master at creating their cocktails, so definitely, many people enjoy their unique and fabulous cocktails. They have their own twist on the ingredients and the actual process of making the drinks, so it's definitely something you'd remember. Food reviews may vary for each person, but most people do enjoy the food selection of the P6.

It might not be enough to order just one of each because some menu items come in small plates, so keep that in mind when ordering.

Is dining at P6 at the Line worth it?

If you're into sunset views and quality drinks, this is the place to be. Tourists and locals love that this is right on the water and that they can see the bats flying out during sunset. The views are amazing and soothing, which can really add to the overall experience of being in Austin.

While you may think it's a little pricey to drink and dine here, getting a gorgeous photo of that magical sunset will surely be worth it.

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