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Hotel Villa Flori- Lake Como Italy: How To Enjoy Florence In Luxury

Hotel Villa Flori - Lake Como Italy is a restored 19th-century villa that gives panoramic lake views to guests and visitors. The elegant rooms, marble bathroom, and gorgeous parquet floors spell luxury. 

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Do they offer shuttle services?

Hotel Villa Flori does not have any shuttle services, but buses regularly pass by the bus stop near the hotel until 10 in the evening. There are also taxi services that run to and from the town center. But if you want to go around and immerse in nature, you can take a walk or rent a bicycle. 

Are there attractions that are within walking distance from the hotel?

A five-minute walk from Hotel Villa Flori Lake Como will get you to the ferry dock, where you can take a boat ride to Como and nearby towns and villas such as Villa Olmo and Villa Erba. You can also get to Como's center in 15 minutes if you like walking, surrounded by lush greeneries. Take a stroll to other lakeside villages or opt for a bicycle if you want to cover more places in a single day. 

How is the view from the hotel, and which room offers the best view?

If you have the budget and want that villa within a villa guest accommodation for a special occasion, book their Gran Lago Suite. The privacy and the exquisite view of the lake will make any occasion feel special, whether it's a party or an intimate group event. Other rooms you can book to enjoy the view of Lake Como from the hotel are their Junior Suite, Corner Suite, or Superior Rooms, which have terraces and balconies overlooking the lake.

The Deluxe room also offers a view of the lake's western shore. Aside from the rooms, the lobby's large windows provide a picturesque view of the lake and even the Como Cathedral dome. 

What are the facilities and activities available?

The hotel also houses a mini-spa with a sauna, a Turkish bath, and a small gym. There's also a conference space for business meetings, parties, or special occasions. A private dock connecting to the Raimondi restaurant is also available for those arriving by water, making you feel like a true VIP. There's also self-parking available, but for a fee. 

Are there restaurants and bars inside the hotel?

Ristorante Raimondi, located at the hotel's best viewing area, gives its diner an enchanting ambiance and a great dining experience. The hotel also has a lounge bar that opens from lunch til late evening for those who want their drinks and cocktails. 

What are the amenities available in the room?

Aside from the elegant furnishings and parquet floors, each room has complete amenities, from quality mattresses and pillows to open and free wi-fi, a mini bar, an air conditioning system, a private safe, and sound-proof walls and windows. Complimentary toiletries, a bathroom shower, a sitting room, and a flat-screen TV are also available. 

How was your experience at Hotel Villa Flori?

Staying in one of the best hotels in Lake Como is a spectacular experience. The Lago Di Como or Lake Como view, rooms, food, service, and amenities are worth every penny. 

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