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Rainbow Lodge Review: Why I Really Love Their Food & So Will You

This tell-all Rainbow Lodge review gives you a complete insight into the restaurant that has been helping people create memories for over 40 years.

Intrigued by what they have to offer? Well, as someone that leads an active lifestyle that loves to travel and explore, discovering delicious food is like uncovering hidden treasure. And this Rainbow Lodge Houston Texas Review proves they're a golden jackpot!

With their veteran cooks and team ready to help you make your memories, let's dive right in.


Rainbow Lodge Texas

Open for lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch, the Rainbow Lodge, located at 2011 Ella Blvd at E TC Jester, Houston, is well known and adored for its gulf fish, wild game, steaks, and chops. Being an excellent choice for lunch throughout the week or a romantic night, it's also a terrific place to go on Fridays for their wild game burger.

So if you're in Houston, you should check out this iconic restaurant!

What is the ambiance of the place like?

Rainbow Lodge Texas sits in a 100-year-old log cabin and embodies a luxury lodge that's refined the wild within. Its collection of artifacts, mounted animals, and antiques give you something to look at when you're not admiring the backdrop of beautifully landscaped gardens.

The location is full of charms, with a river that runs through the back surrounded by trees. It promises sophistication and an escape from the bustle of everyday life.

Do they accept walk-ins?

It's always advisable to call ahead for a booking, particularly on weekends when the restaurant can get pretty busy. However, customers can visit The Rainbow Lodge Texas without making a reservation.

In their old log cottage, there are numerous steps. Calling for tables that might not be available on their website's reservation portal is recommended if you require special help with a wheelchair or walker.

What should we order when we visit this restaurant?

You can go with the favorites of regulars that come already knowing what they want. For instance, the throwback lobster Thermidor served tableside, the South Texas combo of venison medallions and a wild boar chop, or the fried quail over cheddar grits with bourbon bacon sauce. For newcomers, I highly recommend the six-course tasting menu.

I also recommend the bread pudding with croissants and bourbon caramel as dessert. Rich and decadent!

It's hard to go wrong with whatever you select from their tasty menu.

Do they offer a kid's menu?

This restaurant offers a variety of meals from dinner, lunch, dessert, Sunday brunch, and their own HRW (Houston Restaurant Weeks) dinner, lunch, and brunch. So, of course, they offer a kids' menu! Your child has three options: grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans, Crispy Chicken Breast Strips with french fries, and Chicken-Fried Steak Fingers with creamy orzo mac and cheese.

Do they serve good quality dishes?

The dishes are creative, and each one is expertly and generously prepared. There is nothing that I can recall having there that left me feeling less than satisfied.

How is their customer service?

Every single waiter I've ever had provides exceptional service and is thoughtful about how much their customers enjoy themselves and their food. Despite the size of our sizeable group, the waiter provided excellent service and was quite pleasant throughout the evening.

Customer service is impeccable, no matter how busy this restaurant gets!

Do you recommend giving this restaurant a try?

This restaurant is a Houston favorite. It features cuisine that includes a wild game, local ingredients, and vegetables, herbs from the onsite garden, competent service, comfy rooms with fireplaces, and a wide selection of wine, craft cocktails, and local beer. So, yes, I do recommend you give this a try.

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